Messi blamed Madrid for their problems


Lionel Messitte: Reuters Staff

Striker “Barcelona” Lionel Messi told how he faced claims from the tax authorities of Spain. His words leads

“That year [2017] it turned out difficult for me. Problems with the Treasury. I’m not depressed, but attacked me as he spoke about me, my family, father, friends… it Was very difficult. This applies in particular to Madrid. I felt that I was attacked openly. Fortunately, I was supported by people in Barcelona, in Catalonia, and it made me a little calmer,” said Messi.

The player, attacks in his direction came from Madrid. “I think it was an order. Attack me, hurt me, use a moment of weakness, while we passed through what was happening. I took it because I understand that it comes from Madrid”, he said.

The footballer and his father Jorge was suspected of tax evasion amounting to almost 4.1 million euros. According to investigators, the player does not pay taxes on the profit obtained in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The striker had to pay Spain 252 thousand euros. The father of the player — 180 thousand.

Given the image of the income, signing bonus and loyalty bonus the annual income of Messi in Barcelona is 104 million euros per year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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