In the center of Kiev settled Gypsy camp


Photo: Andrew Paradise / The Informant

In Kiev, near the theater “Ultramarine”, close to the station, there is a new Roma settlement. About it writes “Informant” with reference to citizens.

It is noted that Gypsies are attacking local residents and leave piles of garbage and burned things. The settlement has about 300 people.

One of the victims of the Roma became 16-the summer teenager. According to his mother, Yulia Popova, a guy threw a bottle, then he lost consciousness. The victim woke up in blood, standing over me and one of the attackers was asked to call an ambulance. In response, he again hit the bottle. In the hospital the young man has got seven stitches.

May 23, in Ternopil, in Western Ukraine, unknown persons attacked the Gypsy camp. According to witnesses, late on the Mikulinetska street in Ternopil, an aggressive-minded people with baseball bats broke into the temporary settlement of Roma. They threatened the residents with violence and demanded to get out of town.

May 11 unknown burned a Roma camp near Lviv. There were no casualties but all property was destroyed and residents left the settlement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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