Pensioner punched a flight attendant and calling her fat


Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

An elderly passenger was arrested at the international airport of Florida for inappropriate behavior during the flight. It is reported by the Boarding Area.

The incident occurred in the American Airlines, EN route from Philadelphia, USA to Fort Myers beach. 82-year-old Alexander Gregory was returning from the bathroom to his place but handed out the drinks the stewardess blocked his way. Then the pensioner hit her on the back and began shouting racial insults in its address. The girl asked him to stop that furious passenger said a new round of abuse.

“You fatso! You’re too big for this job,” said Gregory, crawling through the employee to his seat.

After landing the man was arrested on charges of beating and interference in the work of the crew. Later, he was released on bail in the amount of one thousand dollars, and the hearing was rescheduled for June 26.

In March, the pensioner was kicked out of the airline company Binter Canarias for insulting the black flight attendants. “I won’t stand next to a black,” shouted 70-year-old man in address flight attendants before departure to the Spanish La Palma. Witnesses filmed as a crew member asked him to pack up and leave the plane.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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