American fried his leg and fed her friends


Photo: IncrediblyShinyShart

The American talked about how he and his friends ate tacos from human flesh. About it reports the edition Vice.

“I’m a man who ate part of his own amputated feet”, confessed to the Reddit user with the nickname IncrediblyShinyShart. He explained that about two years ago had an accident and was seriously injured. After the amputation the severed limb back to him. Our friends helped us to fry the front tibial muscle, and tried it with him. “I taste similar to Buffalo, just harder to chew. Supermacists and a little fat,” says IncrediblyShinyShart. As evidence to the post was accompanied by photo of cut of a human foot.

Vice journalist found IncrediblyShinyShart and found out the details. The man said that at first wanted to give the leg to the Taxidermist or to preserve it using lyophilization, but it didn’t work out. Taxidermists somehow did not take it seriously, but the preservation was too expensive.

Then IncrediblyShinyShart decided to gather friends and together with them to try foot taste. “I invited 11 people, he recalls. Told them something like: “Remember the talk about how do you eat human flesh if given the opportunity, and everything will be ethical? So, you have to answer for his words. We will do this or not?””

Tasting legs gathered ex-girlfriend IncrediblyShinyShart, a couple of old friends, their daughter, a classmate, the two new buddy and friend with the boyfriend chef. Refused only one of the invited.

After two days of deliberation, the chef decided to help with the cooking. He pickled meat, fried with onions, pepper and lime juice, then spread on corn tortillas with a sauce of physalis. Get a Taco is a traditional Mexican dish. Usually the filling is made from beef, pork, chicken, beans, vegetables, or stewed pulp of cactus, but these tacos were lying human leg. Then IncrediblyShinyShart published the recipe online.

According to the man, this strange meal helped him to leave an unpleasant episode with the amputation behind. “I do not feel a pull to hunt people and chew off their faces,’ he says. — I had a chance to do something unique, and a healthy and ethical way. I did, that was funny and cool, and now I have something to tell you.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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