American hid feces in the envelope and proved its danger


Rashim, Drummondville: Dauphin County Prison

In the U.S. state of Pennsylvania inmate sued for the envelope of feces received by the Prosecutor. This is the website

34-year-old Rashim Drummond (Drummond Rasheem) 2017 sits in jail, awaiting sentencing on charges of robbery. On may 1 he met with the Prosecutor and handed him the envelope. It was assumed that there is a letter, but in fact the envelope was filled with feces. The Prosecutor found it when it opened in the courtroom.

After the antics of Drummond was accused of misbehavior, revenge Prosecutor or the officer of the court, as well as abusive behavior with aggravating circumstances in a correctional facility. The first two charges were dropped, so the court considered only the third.

Envelope with faeces convinced the judge that Drummond is a threat to society. In the result the prisoner was deprived of the opportunity to pay a Deposit equal to 100 thousand dollars to leave on freedom to court. He will remain behind bars until the end of the process.

In March it was reported that in the Nigerian city of Abuja were prosecuted, two women, obligatie each other’s feces. They were accused of disturbing public order.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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