Discovered notes of Einstein on the herd nation “dirty and stupid” Chinese


Albert Einsteinthe: Keystone / Getty Images

The American-German theoretical physicist albert Einstein was accused of “shocking” xenophobia against Asians, especially the Chinese, reports The Guardian.

The British left-liberal newspaper says about publishing the travel notes of a scientist, are made during a trip in Asia from October 1922 to March 1923. Senior editor of the project “Einstein’s Paper” Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA) ze’ev Rosenkranz, translated notes Einstein notes that the scientist was not going to publish them.

In travel diary, Einstein describes the people of China as a “hardworking, dirty, stupid people.” The scientist notes that the Chinese “do not sit on the benches while eating, and squats, as Europeans, when they defecate in a deciduous forest”.

According to Einstein, “herd nation” rather “like machines than people”, and also hints at lack of physical attractiveness of Chinese women. “It would be a shame if the Chinese will displace all other races” — says the scientist.

Also in the travel notes of physics is mentioned about other Asians. In particular, the scientist writes that the inhabitants of Colombo (Sri Lanka) “live at big mud and a considerable stench at ground level”, and “do little and small need.” “A simple economic cycle of life,” he said.

Different attitude physicist demonstrates to the Japanese, whom he considers “non-Intrusive, honest and overall very attractive.” “Pure souls, as nowhere else among the people. We need to love and admire this country,” wrote the physicist.

Einstein in 1921 became the laureate of the Nobel prize in physics. The scientist known as one of the founders of the special theory of relativity and made a decisive contribution (along with German mathematician David Hilbert) in the emergence of the General theory of relativity.

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