Fighters from Basayev’s gang in 23 years was sentenced for the attack on Budennovsk


Badruddi, Gawdawfulo: Sergey Ivanov / “Kommersant”

Severo-the Caucasian district military court has pronounced a sentence, badruddi Daudova for participation in the hostage-taking in Budennovsk on 14 June 1995, reports “Interfax”.

Thriller gang of Shamil Basayev received 14 years in a General regime colony.

The native of the Chechen Republic Daudov was found guilty on three counts 126.1 of the RSFSR criminal code (“Capture of hostages”), 209 of the criminal code (“Participation in a gang”), 205 the criminal code (Terrorist act).

14 Jun 1995, a group of nearly 200 terrorists led by Shamil Basayev attacked the city of Budyonnovsk (Stavropol Krai). They took hostage more than 1,600 residents and herded them to a local hospital. Tried to resist the policemen were shot. The terrorist made demands to the Russian authorities to stop military actions in Chechnya and to enter into negotiations with the regime of Dzhokhar Dudayev.

As a result of the storm June 17, 1995 was 61 released hostage. After negotiations, on June 19 of the terrorists freed the remaining captives.

In the attack, 129 people were killed, 415 wounded.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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