Fires in the forests of Siberia left to blaze


Photo: Anna Ogorodnik / RIA Novosti

In Krasnoyarsk region have decided not to put out forest fires 13 as the projected costs of eliminating them can exceed the possible harm, according to the website of the Ministry of forestry of the region.

According to the Ministry, the total area of fires in the region amounted to nearly five thousand hectares, the majority of fires recorded in a remote area so threats to human settlements there. Cause of fire called the storm, and the situation with forest fires under control.

In the neighboring region — Irkutsk region — the staff of forestry Bodaibo district almost a week has not taken any measures to eliminate forest fires. As a result, the area of forest fires in the Angara region amounted to 15.2 thousand hectares, and the smoke enveloped the settlements, according to with reference to the mayor of Bodaibo Eugene Yumashev.

“During Soviet times, fires in remote and inaccessible areas were extinguished by the forces of aviation forest conservation, which now remained only a name and a pale shadow of its former power. In this situation, the only thing left to the regions to save from the fire, human settlements and infrastructure”, — said the head of the district administration.

He complained that the legislation allows not to put out the fire. Smoke from forest fires can lead to the cessation of air traffic and health problems in people with chronic lung diseases.

According to the newspaper, at the time of the world Cup group Ministry of emergency situations in Siberia was weakened. Fire-fighting aircraft be-200 has moved closer to the European part of the country.

At the end of may due to forest fires, EMERCOM of Russia has established the state of emergency at the Federal level in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region. The situation was exacerbated by hot weather and strong winds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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