Found the place of origin of memes



A group of researchers from University College London found that the most popular Internet memes spread through the network of the two branches of discussions on an international imageboard 4chan and Reddit. It is stated in the report published in the MIT Review.

Scientists came to the conclusion that a well-known memes are mostly in the discussion of pol on 4chan and the_donald subreddit on the site Reddit.

Experts have collected database of more than 100 million images distributed in the network on the portal Reddit, Twitter, 4chan and Gab, as well as 700 thousand — from the portal KnowYourMeme. All this array, they analyzed using the method of perceptual hashing.

Thus it was possible to distinguish visually similar files. They were identified in different groups. Each cluster is correlated with the files taken on KnowYourMeme, to determine their context and the tonality (for example, racist, political, hostile and so on).

The highest concentration of all the images were found on 4chan, but Reddit users were more interested in the MEM associated with the policy than others. In this case, said the scientists, the discussion thread the_donald is the most active in the publication of viral pictures.

The researchers believe that they have developed an algorithm may be useful for analysts of social networks: first of all for detection of hostile content.

9 June it was reported that the new copyright law of the European Union may lead to a complete ban on memes. This is possible because the proposed additional protection for the owners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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