Hackers announced the hunt for football fans


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The developers of antivirus software ESET warned football fans about the dangers that lurk in websites and mobile applications. This experts reported in the company blog.

According to experts, the main threats are hiding in the video, which the scammers promise to broadcast football matches, but in fact redirect the user to phishing sites. On one of these pages, fans offer “prizes” for completing the questionnaire. The attackers claim that in one survey, the user can get an iPhone or Macbook X-just answer the questions and send one dollar. Money to scams will not come, but they will receive the data from the Bank card of the victim.

A similar pattern also turn the crooks to sign up users to premium SMS services. After filling out the questionnaire they ask the victim to enter the mobile phone number and other personal data from the mobile account of the user will begin to be charged.

Experts also discovered malicious codes embedded in the video players on pirated sites broadcasting. Users can get a virus by visiting such pages, causing the attackers will constantly attack them with spam.

In addition, the researchers found a lot of sites that use the power of the victim for mining cryptocurrency through the browser. Moreover, the scheme works even on mobile devices.

To guard against such threats, experts advise to install on computers and smartphones anti-virus software, and ignore dubious offers, lottery, and visit only trusted sites.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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