The full model has accused the social network in the shadow of repression


Photo: @fullerfigurefullerbust

Plus-size model Georgina Horne (Georgina Horne) has accused Instagram of concealing its publications. According to 30-year-old girl, the administration infringes on the rights fully, intentionally bringing in the top pictures slim girls.

Post with accusations against the social network it is published on his official page in Instagram, which signed 195 thousand people. Horn is a popular fashion model, showing clothes for full girls, including swimwear and underwear.

“I’m shadow by the way banned in Instagram: I can say this because my posts never go in the top hashtags, and my likes are greatly reduced. If I was a slender woman who publish such content, this would not have happened. Body fat jammed, and I don’t like. I publish the content, which I know really gives strength and inspires others, and yet, because my body is not “perfect”, I make noise”, she wrote.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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