Trump attributed the words about the Russian Crimea


Photo: Adam Scotti / Reuters

US President, Donald trump declared to the leaders of the countries “the Big seven” (G7) that considers Crimea Russian. About it writes portal BuzzFeed with reference to two diplomatic sources.

According to them, these words were spoken during a dinner at the G7 summit, which was held in Canada last week. The American leader has told colleagues that the Crimea is Russian, because all the inhabitants of the Peninsula speak Russian.

Trump also shared his opinion on Ukraine, calling into question support for the Kiev Western countries. According to him, “this is one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” said one of the interlocutors edition.

BuzzFeed notes that it is unclear whether this is just frivolous comments or real position of the US President, much at variance with the foreign policy of Washington. White house information sources did not comment.

June 14, trump explained the need for presence of Russia at the meeting of the leaders of the G7. According to him, a significant part of the discussions at the summit “the Big seven” in Canada were dedicated to Moscow, so it would be better to return to the format with her.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014. Then, in the region held a referendum in which, according to official data, the overwhelming majority voted for joining Russia. Kiev and the West refused to recognize the results of the plebiscite. In Moscow, noted that the accession of the region conform to the norms of international law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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