A family of Indians were engaged to be married and died suddenly


Police inspect the house of samitto: ANI Twitter

A family of 11 people were found dead in their home in the district Burari on the outskirts of the Indian capital new Delhi. They died under mysterious circumstances, reports the South China Morning Post.

As noted, 10 people were hanged in the courtyard while they were all blindfolded. Another body of 70-year-old woman — was lying on the floor in the house. The corpses were not bullet holes, no signs of forced entry in the room is not found. Currently, the police are trying to figure out if what happened was a suicide. At the same time, no suicide notes found.

Most of the victims lived together, the family lived in this house for more than 20 years. It is noted that he belonged to a businessman who had his veneer and plywood plant and a dairy farm. The man was also among the dead. The corpses of July 1, found a friend with whom the entrepreneur usually went on a morning walk.

Neighbors said that in the last days the dead is actively preparing for the wedding. According to them, the family members got along well. Those who saw them the night before the tragedy, she said she never noticed any signs of stress and suicide the family could not commit.

The police indicated that, currently, cannot exclude any of the versions of the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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