Affected by the cancellation of Charter tourists explained the scheme of refund


Photo: Sergei Pivovarov / RIA Novosti

The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) told what to do for people who have suffered due to the cancellation of Charter flights of the companies “Natali-Turs” and “Aurora HD”. This was reported on the website of the Association of tour operators.

If travelers at the same time are in Russia, they must first make an application for a refund in any form, avoiding the phrases “we ask to cancel the tour.” The reason you need to specify “non-performance by tour operator of obligations and the inability to take advantage of the paid tour.”

The statement shall be delivered to the agent, which is responsible for subsequent communication with the tour operator.

If travelers have faced a problem while abroad, and problems with the accommodation they have, then you should check availability and issue tickets, including scheduled flights. “This can be done by reservation number or ticket on the airline’s website or on the phone,” the report States.

If you have problems with the placement of experts advise to gather proof of all expenses and return to Russia to apply for a refund, attaching a copy of payment documents.

“If the placement of any difficulties, for example, tourists were moved to another hotel, while the costs to pay for it, they have not suffered, they retain the right to claim compensation from the tour operator for services rendered not in full service upon return to Russia,” says ATOR.

Also, experts have advised to address in court in case if the tour operator refuses to make the refund in the prescribed manner.

Earlier in June, the tourist company “Natali Turs” declared the cancellation of Charter programs from June 30 due to low financial performance. It was about the Charter flights to Barcelona, Rimini, Catania, Naples, Heraklion and Antalya. 1 June St. Petersburg tour operator “Aurora HD” also shot a Charter chains in Bulgaria and Montenegro.

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