British Queen refused the necessary operations



British Queen Elizabeth II refuses needed surgery on her knees to not skip scheduled doses. On this edition of the Sun said a source at Buckingham Palace.

According to the publication, 92-year-old British Queen barely rises from his chair. During the traditional Chelsea Flower show in London, she allegedly complained to friends that her knee “act up”. “But she refuses to do the surgery, because after she’ll have a long time to recover. She is incredibly bold,” concluded the source. He also said that the Queen “does not want to create any waves.”

It is reported that in may the Queen had an operation on his eyes for cataract. Because of this, she attended the event wearing sunglasses. However, for the wedding of his grandson, Prince Harry, she came without them.

The Queen is known to good health: despite the age, she regularly rides on a pony and sometimes she gets behind the wheel. Elizabeth II never travels outside the country, but leads an active social life: in 2017, the Queen was present in 296 events.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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