Facebook has allowed the Russian company to use the data


Mark Tsukerbergom: Andrew Harnik / AP

The head of the company Facebook, mark Zuckerberg revealed the list of companies who received special access rights to these users after for other companies the access was closed. About it reports BBC News.

After the introduction of restrictions on the exchange of user data for app developers in 2015, most applications on the platform should bring its work in line with the new requirements. 61 however, the company was allowed to defer implementation of the requirements “less than six months.” Among them was a Russian technology company Mail.ru Group. Also in the list are a manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes Nike, the streaming music service Spotify and the Japanese automaker Nissan.

Facebook for all time of its existence, has provided access to the data of its users to third parties 52, currently the company cooperates only with 14 organisations from 7 plan to stop working soon. Social network of sharing user data with major American companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, as well as South Korean giant Samsung and China’s Huawei and Alibaba.

In April, senators, and congressmen interviewed Mark Zuckerberg, after it became known about the data breach 87 million users of Facebook. The founder of the social network said that collecting information was a third-party company Cambridge Analytica, specializing in political consulting.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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