False message caused the crowd to Lynch an innocent nomads


Photo: Danish Ismail / Reuters

In the Indian state of Maharashtra mob lynching of five people because of the rumors about the kidnapping of children, distributed in WhatsApp. About it reports BBC News.

The murder occurred on 1 July. Local police arrested 12 people suspected of committing serious crimes. According to law enforcement officers, the victim belonged to a community of nomads: they went through the village, when they drew the attention of the residents of the state.

The hatred of the local associated with viral fake message in WhatsApp, which was actively spread information about the mass abductions of children in India. The villagers suspected the strangers in the theft and decided to interview them, however, remained dissatisfied with the answers, so beaten to death several nomads bamboo sticks and stones.

When the police arrived at the scene, the locals decided to attack them. The police officers had to enter in a rural location and curfew and deployed additional forces, as the situation remained tense even the next day.

In late June, a crowd of Indians beat up some beggars after receiving fake messages in WhatsApp. People felt that their victim pretended to be homeless and actually killed the local residents and sold their organs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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