In the United States recognized the vulnerability of Russia East of the Urals


Photo: Denis Abramov / RIA Novosti

Russian territory East of the Urals vulnerable to us, Japanese and Chinese threats, writes War Is Boring.

According to the American edition in Russia in recent years carried out considerable modernization of the armed forces, which, however, has not yet filled all the “gaps”. “Military reform in Russia has been uneven, and in defense of the country, there are still significant gaps that still left her ill-prepared for a major war,” writes War Is Boring.

The publication refers to the publication of the Russian newspaper “Military-industrial courier”, which emphasizes the need “significant strengthening and almost complete re -” the troops of the Central and Eastern military districts. “If West of the Urals to the defence of the country secured in the highest degree satisfactory, to the East of it all with a minus sign,” — said in the publication military-industrial complex.

In the same material the technique of the Eastern military district is compared with the “Museum of Antiques”. The newspaper believes that the greatest threat to Russia is China, whose military power in recent decades has increased substantially.

To protect Russian territory East of the Urals are proposed dramatic increase in the number of the latest military hardware, including tanks, military transport and refuelling aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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