Iran spotted in the Persian Gulf an American ship with chemicals


Photo: Wikipedia

The American ship Cape Ray is carrying “chemicals”, arrived in the Persian Gulf, accompanied by destroyers of the U.S. air force. This was stated by the representative of the Iranian armed forces Brigadier General Bonifazi Shekarchi (Bolfazl Shekarchi), reports Al-Masdar News.

According to him, the ship recently docked in the port of one of the Gulf States for the transportation of cargo in certain areas of Syria and Iraq. Shekarchi stated that Washington intends to maintain its presence in these countries, “using dangerous methods.”

The General added that Iran has detailed information on the ship, the crew, and the cargo, noting that the later will be made public information, as well as that purpose the ship’s arrival to the region.

According to the Agency, the us informed the ship was off the coast of Iraq and Syria, where “the United States took military action under the pretext of response to alleged chemical attacks”.

During the war in Syria allegations of chemical weapons by one side or the other appeared more than once. The OPCW’s mission has repeatedly affirmed its application, however, the finding of guilt was not in her powers.

Western countries often blamed on Damascus. Syrian authorities have repeatedly stated that they never used chemical weapons against civilians and terrorists, and the entire chemical Arsenal was removed from the country under the control of the OPCW. Russia believes the incidents with chemical warfare substances provocations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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