Joyful Japanese wanted to high-five a stranger and got kicked in the face


Photo: Foto Olimpik /

Pleased with the success of the football team the Japanese wanted to high-five strangers, but got hit in the face. This was reported by news portal News 24 Sora.

The incident occurred in Sapporo, on Friday, June 29, about six o’clock in the morning. 20-year-old Japanese Sato walked down the street and saw the three men. Pleased that the national team was in the playoffs of the world Cup, the man raised both hands to “give five” to strangers. However, they did not understand his intentions, and one of them twice hit a fan in the face.

Later 28-year-old attacker explained to the police that he expected that Sato attacks him, and decided to strike first. Injured Japanese escaped with minor injuries.

The tradition of “giving five” is not as widespread in Japan as in other countries.

At the end of June, reported the American baseball fan who received the face of the hot dog. They are shot from a giant cannon in the shape of a hot dog mascot of her team during a game pause.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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