Rare Rhino killed for one centimeter horns


Photo: Kragga Kamma Game Park

In South Africa, poachers have killed rare Rhino for one centimetre horns. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the reserve, Kragga Kamma in the Eastern Cape province in the South-East of the country. Victim of hunters has become a twenty-year-old female southern white Rhino named Bella. Staff reserve a few months ago cut off her horn to protect it from the attacks of poachers, but it did not help to save the animal.

Bella had four cubs. The youngest of them named Tank, according to the Rangers, a half-day mourned the dead mother, and is now trying to cling to another female Rhino with a calf.

“Still can’t believe and understand how it was possible to kill an animal for one centimeter of horn. Thank you for your support, dear friends, we know you are as devastated as we are,” said the owner of the reserve Ayesha Cantor (Ayesha Cantor).

White rhinos are subjected to numerous attacks by poachers because of the superstition about the miraculous power of their horns, common among African peoples.

In March it was reported about the death of the last male Northern white Rhino. Before you euthanize suffering from age-related diseases, the animal, the scientists collected genetic material. They hope to save the species, using the technology of in vitro fertilization and planting a fertilized egg in the body of a female southern white Rhino.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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