Russia will remain without a new record harvest


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

The harvest of grain and bean in 2018 will be 10-15 percent lower than last year, when he was an national record. About this Reuters said a leading researcher hydrometeorological centre Anna Terrible.

“[Harvest is projected to be] a little less than the average for the last five years,” said Scary.

The total condition of crops, both winter and spring, in her words, “it is enough satisfactory and even good almost everywhere.” In many respects the final outcome of harvest will depend on the amount of precipitation in July. “We are waiting for rain and believe this in our forecasts,” — said the Terrible.

Now in many regions of Russia came to favorable weather for crops because of past rains, but in some places the drought persists. Especially alarming situation, according to the representative of the hydrometeorological center, is in the Volga region, Stavropol region and in the East of the southern Federal district.

To date, the Ministry expects grain harvest at the end of 2018 at 100 million tons. It is 35.4 million tons less than last year, when the record was broken in 1978 — 132 million tons.

Due to the abundant harvest of Russian exporters faced difficulties in the supply of grain abroad. In late March, they ran out of grain, about a quarter of them were written off due to obsolescence.

At the end of June Bloomberg reported on the new method of grain exports from the country, which was tested by the exporters. They loaded wheat on small ships in the Azov sea and deliver it to the large ships in the Kerch Strait. Have to do it because of the congestion of the black sea ports.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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