Teenage girls were forbidden to go to school in skirts


Photo: Max Rossi / Reuters

Students 40 secondary schools in the UK were forbidden to come to class in skirts. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Under the new policy on gender-neutral way, students of both sexes are required to wear pants. Therefore, the management of schools has decided to support students of transgender people and protect them from abuse.

Many parents are outraged by the innovation. “No one consulted us. I went to the school website and saw that since September of 2019, all students must wear trousers. I don’t see any good reason why girls could not wear skirts. They have to choose what to wear. Do not understand this ban,” said the mother of one of the students at the school Phillips High School in Whitefield.

“Change the uniform made in the name of equality and morality. Gender-neutral clothing will protect you from the humiliation of our transgender students,” explained Director of Priory School in Lewes.

In June it became known that in middle school Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire, UK, the boys were allowed to come to class wearing skirts. In the beginning of the school year, the school administration introduced a common uniform. Among other rules, the boys had to wear only long pants. When with the onset of heat one of the parents asked whether his son could come in shorts, he said no, but added that if desired, the student can wear a skirt.

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