The beating of a disabled person was estimated at 15 thousand rubles


Alexander Soloviev (right)Photo:

The court fined on 15 thousand roubles inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Alexander Solovyov for beating a teenager with cerebral palsy. This was reported by the lawyer Julia Fedotova in Facebook.

The defense intends to appeal the decision and will seek an administrative arrest for a man.

“The cost of beating of the disabled in Russia — 15 thousand. 5 [thousand] more expensive than a visit to the “unauthorized” rally. Put 15 oblique, and modoki anyone you want, but do not overdo it to ugolovki”, — added Fedotov.

Soloviev beat 19-year-old Roman Valitova in the shopping center “Alatyr”. The man took the cripple by the collar, then began to push him towards the exit and beat. Employees of the shopping center did not respond. Doctors recorded on the victim’s body bruises, a thorax bruise and sprain on his leg.

According to witnesses, 33-year-old from Yekaterinburg worked as a security guard in an electronics store. He didn’t want to because of the illness of the young man broke some gadget, so he force pushed the man and threatened to “rip his head off” if he does come back. The store management denied that the man works for them.

In fact the incident initiated an administrative case about a beating (article 6.1.1. Of the administrative code). The court decided that the injuries is not enough for criminal prosecution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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