The child was found in my dad’s car “bra” and nearly provoked a scandal in the family


Photo: @AngryManTV

American under the name AngryManTV said on his Twitter page as his daughter nearly ruined the family by mistake she decided that dad’s car was someone else’s underwear.

A man witnessed a strange dialogue between your child and wife. Four-year-old girl asked her mother why her bra was in my father’s car. “His wife struck me a deadly look. She wasn’t in my car a few weeks” — shared AngryManTV. His feeble excuse, the child said that he saw a Cup with straps.

The family had to go to the garage to verify the veracity of the words of a child. It turned out that the girl had mistaken for a linen mask, which really lay in the cabin of the car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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