The French Ambassador praised the Hungarians for fighting workers and lost his job


Emmanuel Macrophoto: Thierry Roge /

The President of France Emmanuel macron recalled the French Ambassador in Hungary, Eric Fournier. About it reports Reuters.

It happened once at the disposal of the French website Mediapart got the memo that the diplomat sent to the French leader and the foreign Ministry.

In it, Fournier said he believes the approach of the Hungarian authorities to solve the migration crisis “exemplary”. According to him, “the Hungarians were able to anticipate the problems caused by illegal immigrants”. In particular, in 2015 the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, criticising the immigration policy of the European Union, has built a fence along its borders with Serbia and Croatia. In June of this year it became known that the Parliament is about to begin debate on the bill, under which citizens, in any way to help illegal migrants can be sentenced to prison.

According to Reuters, the Ambassador also spoke in favor of the amendments to the Hungarian Constitution, which prohibits the settlement of the country’s “foreign nationalities” and oblige public authorities to “protect Christian culture.”

At a press conference on 29 June at the EU summit, the Mediapart journalist asked Him about his reaction to the note from the Ambassador. The President replied that it did not share the views of the diplomat, stressing that these views are “in no case do not reflect the official position of France.” The next day on the official website of the government of France appeared the decree of the President about replacement of Eric Fournier to the new Ambassador — Pascal he is not here.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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