The Ukrainian military has occupied the settlement in the Donbass


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / “Kommersant”

Ukrainian military took control of the village of Golden-4 in the Luhansk region. On Monday, July 2, “UKRINFORM” said the head of the press center of operations of the combined forces of Alexander Saltanov.

“We confirm information about taking control of the village of gold-4”, — he said. According to Saltanova, the operation was carried out without violations of the Minsk agreements.

The head of the military and civil administration of the city of gold Konstantin Ilchenko, part of which is gold-4, said “Gromadska TV” that previously the settlement had an uncertain status because the Ukrainian military had only controlled part of the village. “Now a dangerous burden on the population of Golden-4 has been reduced because it is finally our territory”, — he added.

According to him, in the village now live about 800 people. “The village is at the forefront of [the frontline], and, given the range of a mortar, he will remain in the affected area. But the gray area has decreased — fact. Gold-4 finally, under Ukrainian influence,” said Ilchenko.

On 20 June it was reported the advance of fighters of Armed forces of Ukraine for two kilometers deep into the Luhansk region. The operation explained his actions by saying that soldiers of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic “came too close” to the fortifications of the Ukrainian military near the village of Groove, after which a decision was made to move positions to create a “safety line”.

The armed conflict in the Donbas began in the spring of 2014 after Kiev attempted to suppress statements in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, whose residents protested against the coup in Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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