American burst in on the day of birth of three girls and stabbed her guests


Timmy Innerfoo: Ada County Sheriff’s Office / AP

In the U.S. state of Idaho 30-year-old man Timmy Kinnear with a knife broke into a children’s party and stabbed nine people. Reported by the New York Post.

The incident occurred in one of the residential complexes in the city of Boyce, which is mostly inhabited by refugees from Latin America. Children came to the birthday of three girls. How exactly was Geraldine Chaplin, is not specified. At first he rushed at the children, the adults tried to protect them, covering herself.

As a result, six children and three adults have got traumas of various severity. They were all taken to a local hospital. Four are in critical condition.

The police denied the version of terrorist attack, saying that “it was an attack of the evil, mentally unbalanced person”. The causes of the incident are being investigated. As the newspaper notes, the man could come to the party, wanting revenge for the fact that earlier he was “expelled from the housing complex for bad behavior”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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