Babchenko wish to sit in Russian jail


Arkady Babchenko (right)Photo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, now living in Ukraine, said he was willing to sit in Russian jail instead of Director Oleg Sentsov, convicted of preparing a terrorist act. On Tuesday, July 3, he wrote in his Facebook.

“Listen, comrades, the KGB, well, that’s what you brains to burn? (…) You don’t know how to get me, and don’t know how to release Sentsov. Well, here’s the deal — I’m willing to trade yourself for Sentsov,” wrote Babchenko.

“You release Oleg, even those sixty people, for the freedom of which he is starving, the release of all Crimean Tatars, the Russian release of all political prisoners [Boris] Stomakhin was arrested for my repost [Dmitry] Tretyakov, [Victor] Korba, [Yuri] Dmitriev, [Stanislav] Kalinichenko, all-all-all — there is not a lot of work, only three hundred people, and food under white ruchenki, and can satisfy their hatred to how much ***** [to beat], to torture, to stick burning rags in a gas mask, to associate a swallow, throw the wire on the teeth,” outlined the terms of a journalist.

According to Babchenko, Sentsov “ready to die for the freedom of others,” and he “is ready to sit for his life.” “The issue of extradition decide — I’m still a citizen of your fucking Mordor (Russia — approx. “Of the”), “—added the journalist, stressing that the proposed “absolutely seriously”.

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was arrested in may 2014 on suspicion of arson of offices of the “Russian community of Crimea” and “United Russia” in the Crimea. According to investigators, he and his associates had prepared a number of terrorist acts on the territory of the Peninsula. In August 2015, the Director was sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime colony. Sentsov pleaded not guilty. 14 may 2018, he announced an indefinite hunger strike to demand the release of Russian colonies all Ukrainian political prisoners. The Kremlin said that this protest will not affect the clemency process.

In late may, the security Service of Ukraine organized a re-enactment of the murder Babchenko. According to the Department, the organization of the assassination of a journalist has involved a Ukrainian businessman Boris Herman, who, according to the investigation, acted on the instructions of Russian special services. In Moscow, these accusations have called nonsense, a nonsense and a provocation.

Babchenko left Russia in February 2017 in connection with the threats received by him and members of his family. In December 2016, he spoke sharply about the victims of the disaster Tu-154 over the Black sea, saying he does not feel neither sympathy nor pity. After that, the Deputy Vitaly Milonov and Senator Franz Klintsevich called to initiate against him a criminal case and to deprive of citizenship.

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