Found the children were asked to sit in a cave for four months


Photo: Ming Dajun /

Missing in late June in Thailand 12 children and a football coach found alive in the cave, however, they will have to spend another several months. On it informs “bi-Bi-si”.

Heavy rains flooded the entrance to the cave from which to conduct a rescue operation impossible. The children will either have to learn how to dive and try to cross a flooded section, which, as noted, is extremely dangerous for inexperienced divers, or to sit in the trap until September or October when the rainy season ends.

Attempts to pump out the water failed.

If the children remain in the cave, they will supply food and other necessary items. It also takes specially trained doctors to check their health status and assisted, if necessary.

A group of boys from 11 to 16 years and a man of 25 years was able to detect after nine days of search operations. They were four kilometers from the entrance to the cave in Chiang Rai province in the North of the country. The group went into the cave when it was dry, but soon after they were inside, the rain has gone, the entrance was flooded and blocked by rocks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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