Hitler served as the submarine was in Japan


Frame: 24Мир / YouTube

Off the coast of Japan found the sunken submarine U-511 was built in Nazi Germany. About it reports The Asahi Shimbun.

A group of scientists on the basis of the American military Chronicles conducted searches with the help of robot submersibles to survey the seabed to the North of Kyoto Prefecture.

90-meter depth was discovered a well-preserved hull of the submarine launched in 1941 in Germany and later (in 1943) transferred to the Imperial Japanese Navy. In 1946, the submarine was sunk by the Americans.

Also during research it was discovered two submarines in Japan.

Between Japan and the Third Reich there was an agreement on military-technical cooperation, which developed both before and during the Second world war. The Imperial army had access to samples of German weapons, including the projects of submarines.

In June 2018, at the bottom of the Baltic sea was discovered a sunken Soviet submarine from the Second world war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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