Iran has accused Israel of stealing clouds


Photo: Jochen Eckel / picture alliance /

Head of the Iranian Department of civil defense Gholamreza Jalali accused Israel of waging climate war. It is reported

According to him, Iranian scientific centers, noted that the climate has changed. Jalali said that Israel “together with another country located in a region affects the rain clouds, heading in the direction of Iran,” denying them the opportunity to shed the rain.

“The country has no right to steal the cloud” — he said, adding that according to scientific data over the last four years, the snow was covered all mountain peaks higher than 2.2 thousand meters above sea level in the entire region from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean sea, except Iran, Tasnim reports.

“Iran is wasting away from a long drought,” — summed up the head of the meteorological service of Iran Ahad the Wazifa (Ahad Vazife).

30 June in khorramshahr, located in the South of the country held mass protests because of the acute shortage of drinking water.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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