Student threatened with expulsion for a haircut


Photo: Google Street View

Student school Kingswood Academy in hull, UK, was threatened with dismissal for improper haircut, writes the Daily Mail.

The mother of the student reported that 12-year-old Callum manning is an urgent need to mow. When he came to school the next day with short hair, hairstyle still did not meet the school rules. “When I came to school, the teacher said that whiskey Callum shaved too much. All hair should be one length, so it must return to the hairdresser. But I didn’t want to go bald. This is school, not the army,” — said the mother of manning Sarah Everett.

Callum manning — the fourth student, who was threatened with suspension because of the hair.

Everett is confident that strict school policy applies only to boys, because her daughter, who goes to the same school, never had such problems.

To all claims of the representatives of the Kingswood Academy said that the school has strict rules about clothing and hairstyles, which are always sent to parents before the new school year.

In February, the Director of the British school has banned boys to attend the lessons with the popular hairstyles. The Charter school, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk has warned parents that children who came to school with a fashionable “high” hairstyle will be sent home. Director Barry Smith ranked it unacceptable elements of appearance.

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