The bride canceled a lavish wedding for fear the groom before the storm


Photo: Fabian Geier /

Resident of India refused to marry the groom during the wedding ceremony, when he was frightened by the storm. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

The incident occurred in Bihar on the East. The bride refused to marry after her partner “freaked out” while reciting wedding vows, seeing as lightning struck in a field close by.

The groom’s relatives began a noisy protest as the priest has already spent some of the wedding rituals, but they were attacked by friends of the bride. It ended brutal mass brawl.

In the incident, was arrested three relatives of the bride.

In February it was reported about the Indian, who rode a thousand kilometers from the capital to a remote village for the wedding, but the victim of a fiasco because of the baldness. The bride refused marriage during the ceremony. The man decided, that I will not leave home without his wife and married the daughter of a poor merchant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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