Ukraine has threatened to seize the shares of Nord stream


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

Ukraine can initiate the arrest of shares of “Northern stream” to collect from the Russian debt by the decision of the international court of justice. This was said by a local “Observer” member of the Board of the State Agency on energy efficiency and energy saving, Maria Yakovleva.

“It is the first victory in the Stockholm arbitration court’s decision on compensation for Ukraine to $ 2.6 billion. Ukraine appealed to the European Executive office regarding the seizure of assets,” — said the official.

According to her, Kiev to arrest about 35 percent of the securities of the “Nord stream”, while Moscow in the face of “Gazprom” owns 51 percent.

Yakovlev added that Ukraine has filed against Russia and other claims in the amount of from 8 to 10 billion dollars. “If Ukraine will win, can move along the same path. As soon as they arrested the shares of “Nord stream-1″ and initiated the process of compensation, if Europe would unite and Express a common position, I think, Russia will have nothing to do,” she concluded.

The Stockholm arbitration court issued a decision on the contract for the supply of gas to the dispute between “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz” at the end of 2017. In late February, the court took the decision under the transit contract. The Russian company appealed to the court of appeal, statements about the contest and the partial annulment of the interim decision on the supply contract, as well as final decisions on agreements for supply and transit. According to the Russian side, during the proceedings, the judges allowed a substantial procedural violation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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