Brave dog sacrificed his life for the salvation of the owner



65-year-old farmer from India died from electric shock in an attempt to save a cow, stumbled on the cable. The dog accompanying the man, rushed to the aid of the owner and also died. It is reported by Times of India.

The incident occurred at a village near Madurai. The farmer was later identified as M Mockus (M Mokkusu), took a cow grazing on their farmland. On the eve in the village there was a heavy rain with wind, which probably damaged the cable.

Touching his tail, the cow fell to the ground. Mockus rushed to an animal to help, but he instantly died of electrocution.

The dog, seeing what had happened, tried to pull the cable from the victims, but it was the same note. The police arrived on the scene as soon as I heard about the incident, and de-energize the damaged line.

The publication also notes that many villagers visited the site after he learned of the heroism of the pooch, which is under threat of death, rushed to rescue the owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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