Hunter posed for pictures on the background of the carcass of a rare giraffe and came under a barrage of criticism


Photo: @africlandpost

American hunter infuriated the social network photo with the victim of a rare giraffe. This was reported edition of Fox 17.

Tess Thompson Tully (Tess Thompson Talley) has posted the hunting in the Republic of South Africa on his page in Facebook. “Praying for my hunting dreams, which happens once in a lifetime, was heard! I noticed this the rare giraffe and chased him for quite a long time,” wrote a resident of the state of Kentucky.

Also already in the remote post it was said that the animal was more than 18 years, it weighed 1814 kg, and Tully got out of it 907 kilograms of meat.

Actress Debra messing (Debra Messing), best known for her role in the sitcom “will & grace” called Tully “disgusting, vile, immoral, heartless, selfish murderer.” Comedian Ricky Gervais (Ricky Gervais), starring in the British television series “the Office”, called the huntress a blasphemer and sympathized with endangered giraffes.

Herself the huntress the journalists wrote an open letter in which he stated that murdered South African giraffe, which, unlike the Northern counterparts, is not under threat of extinction. “The number of individuals of this species growing, partly thanks to the hunters, because the money from licenses to kill them go to restoring the population of giraffes,” said she. According to the publication, sale of permits for hunting brings to the state about two billion dollars.

In 2016, the South African giraffe were recognized as vulnerable species, as the number of individuals has fallen by 40 percent since 1985.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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