Revealed the perpetrators of the deception of the Russians with gasoline


Photo: Igor Ivanov / “Kommersant”

Roskoshestvo called the possible perpetrators of the deception of the Russian motorists at petrol stations (gas stations). Industry experts claim that the main sources of low-quality fuel are base petrochemicals, which hold the shipment of fuel retail. This is stated in the message of Roccasecca, which is at the disposal “of the”.

“Unscrupulous organizations are mixing different batches of fuel (including what is happening with the mini-refineries) and are illegal to bring its performance up to higher levels with the use of additives. According to experts, the share of violations among the depots was in 2015, 40 percent in 2016 and 21.5%, for 2017 — 38 percent”, — stated in the message.

Roskoshestvo plans in the summer of 2018 to carry out a large-scale test of the quality of gasoline on the Russian market. The study promise to carry out a number of characteristics: according to octane number, the use of various impurities and additives, falsification, and underfilling of gasoline at the gas station.

On the eve, July 3, in the Federation of Russian car owners (FAR) said that most gas stations do not add gasoline, with the result that the real cost of a litre rises almost 10 cents per liter. The conclusions were based on self-study of the HEADLIGHTS, which affected a total of 13 Russian regions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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