Russian nuclear missile so they needed an emergency landing



Developers of the Russian combat system with cruise missile “Petrel” and the military in the case of a decision about the creation of these weapons will have to solve several complex problems. This writes the chief editor of the Internet project MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev, his article published in the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The expert notes that for the maintenance of such missiles would require the creation of special infrastructure. “It is unlikely that these missiles will be produced in small series. You’ll likely need to serve dozens or even hundreds of such missiles, and this will require serious investments in infrastructure,” — says the expert.

Also “will need to solve the issue-based” and “for the use of such missiles would require the creation of digital maps as large areas of loitering”. Kornev does not exclude that “may require the establishment of a system of safe emergency landing like missiles.” “Now the tests were carried out in the framework of the First Central polygon of the defence Ministry in the New Earth, but in real life the missile would have to fly outside the nuclear test site,” — says the expert.

Finally, “the rocket must have the electronic warfare and means of breakthrough of enemy air defenses,” he said.

Kornev notes that the nuclear jet engine, which received a cruise missile “puffin”, can be used on flying unmanned platforms and manned aircraft. According to experts, nuclear engine “Petrel” is “revolutionary and unique design.”

“The use of new propulsion systems and possibly on aircraft. For example, unmanned flying platforms. These drones can be used to embed communication means, radars, command centers and various weapons systems,” — says the expert.

Kornev believes that the way “an old dream of science fiction about creating flying aircraft carriers can be realized with the advent of jet engines”. On the other hand, the expert said, “to create a manned aircraft with such engines will need to address the issue of the protection of the crew”.

“But he in his time had already been worked on by our scientists and designers. And because I think that the issue here is mainly the formation of customer requirements, as well as in completing research and development work in future technology nuclear rocket engine,” writes the author.

A cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “Petrel” was first announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March during his address to the Federal Assembly. According to the head of the state, the new weapon is a “low-flying stealth cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead with practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight path and can overcome the boundaries of interception”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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