The actor was kidnapped, beaten, stripped and detained for 30 hours in the bath


Joseph Caponetto: @caponelawyers

Jury jury Los Angeles indicted the three involved in the kidnapping of actor Joseph Capone and actress Daisy Mac-Kraken, known from the movie “Halloween: Resurrection”. On Wednesday, July 4, TMZ reports, citing the County Prosecutor’s office.

As stated in the Prosecutor’s office, three defendants were accused of kidnapping, assault with a firearm, Grand theft, mutilation, conspiracy and attempting to sell methamphetamine.

According to investigators, criminals in may snuck into the house to MC Crakin in South Los Angeles, where one of them beat Capone handle of a pistol. After that, the victims put on the heads of black bags and taken to a house in Compton. Capone, according to the Prosecutor’s office, stripped and placed in the bath, where he stayed for 30 hours without food.

As noted by the prosecution, at this time, two attackers drove the actress in different banks and forced to withdraw in the amount of 10 thousand dollars.

Daisy MC Crackin managed to escape, she called the police. The attackers were arrested. They face life imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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