The Aussie found a message in a bottle from the island of Bora Bora



Australian resident found a message in a bottle sent from the Atoll of Bora Bora in the Pacific ocean, and contacted its author. About it reports UPI.

Charlton Craggs (Charlton Craggs), working on the Australian island of long, I found the bottle when walking along the beach. Inside was a note and one us dollar.

From the text showed that the message was sent by the canadian Tom Love (Tom Love). He sealed the bottle and threw it into the water on 25 January 2016, when staying on the Atoll of Bora Bora, six thousand miles long.

Lav asked me to contact them and report the receipt. To do this, the note reported his postal and email addresses. He put the dollar in order to cover possible costs.

Craggs decided to hang a note on the wall along with a note. “I was so happy, he says. — I could not wait to contact the author and tell him that I found his message — it was like a movie.”

“I was amazed, amazed when it happened,” admitted Love. According to him, in the past he has sent other messages in bottles, but for the first time got a response.

Bora Bora Atoll in French Polynesia. Island length of nine kilometers and a width of five kilometers inhabited by about nine thousand people. It is popular among tourists from North America and Japan.

In March it was reported that on the Australian island Wedge island found a message in a bottle sent 132 years ago. As it turned out, put the bottle in 1886 with the German sailing ship “Paula” who crossed the Indian ocean, 950 kilometers from the coast of Australia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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