The French found in the garden gold in the tens of thousands of euros and lost it


Photo: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

A French couple, to find 28 gold bars in your own garden, will have to part with the treasure. This publication reports The Connexion.

In 2002, the family bought a house with a garden in the French city of Roanne, the Loire Department. In 2009 they found in the garden, six gold bars. Four years later they were joined by another 22 of the ingot. The total value of the treasure was estimated at 800 thousand euros (about 59 million).

The pair were notified about the discovery of the police, office of the mayor and the Bank of France. Despite this, the Prosecutor’s office Roanne drew attention to the “atypical financial transactions”, which they did, and started an investigation. As it turned out, the suspicion was aroused by the sale of 23 of the 28 gold bars.

In a few years about the treasure learned the family of the former owner of the house, which by that time had died. His widow and eight children filed in the court and demanded to give the treasure. They provided evidence that in fact the gold belongs to them.

In 2015, the court took their side and agreed to return all the surviving gold and the money raised in the sale of 15 bars. The new homeowners were unwilling to put up with it. “Everybody told them that bars them. They are from the heart considered themselves the owners of the gold,” explains their lawyer.

The pair unsuccessfully tried to challenge the court decision in other instances. In 2017 it justice confirmed the court of appeal, and in June the dispute was considered by the Supreme court of France. The original decision remains in force and thereafter.

In may it was reported that a couple from new York found in the yard of own house the safe with money and jewels worth tens of thousands of dollars. As it turned out, it was stolen from one of the neighboring families about seven years ago.

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