The Russian city was occupied by the bears


Photo: @mihajdarov

Several bears went to the Yakut city of Neryungri, reported RIA Novosti, the state inspector service for the protection of nature in the city Mr Innocenti.

“Today the team of hunters together with our on going on the ambush,” he said.

The signs of the animals and overturned tanks on Monday, July 2, was discovered by hospital staff. They reported it to law enforcement.

The amount of withdrawal bears to the towns and cities in Yakutia is growing. According to the national Department of hunting, this is due to the increase of the animal population and the bad harvest of berries, as well as due to forest fires.

Earlier, on June 2, reported the traffic police in Komi, which drove the bear to the Playground with the help of a police siren. The incident was filmed by an eyewitness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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