The terrorists — “the extenders of hearts” began to seduce the military


Screenshot: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The IDF revealed plans of the terrorists of Hamas for the seduction of the military for the sake of obtaining classified information. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The operation of exposing a criminal network called “Extenders hearts” began in March of this year. According to military sources, the attackers failed to get any important data, but he noted that “there was a serious threat to national security.”

According to the newspaper, Hamas has created fake accounts in social networks, under the guise of civilians the terrorists were familiar with the military and asked them to install the Dating apps from Google Play. After sacrifices to their downloaded, to your device got virus, which the terrorists had access to locations, photo and video content, contacts and other files in your phone.

It is reported that before Google removed the suspicious apps from Google Play, downloaded it about 500 times.

The army said that tried to seduce both men and women, with girl interrupted communication with the suspicious new friends much faster than their colleagues of the other sex.

Military urged not to accept friend requests in social networks from strangers, to report any suspicious subjects and do not download unknown apps.

Hamas was founded in 1987. Since 2007, the organization that controls the Gaza strip. The movement had carried out hundreds of armed attacks against Israelis inside Israel. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, Canada, USA and Japan, and is banned in Jordan and Egypt. In Australia and the UK terrorist recognize only its military wing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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