The warmth of human hands called computer security threat


Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

The man’s fingers leave the heat prints on the keys of a keyboard than you can make use of the hackers. According to The Bleeping Computer citing a study by researchers from University of California Irvine.

A new attack called the Thermanator. According to experts, the attackers can read the password that the person has recently entered on a physical PC keyboard using a thermal imager for capturing the waves of the middle range. Pointing the camera to the keys for a minute after entering, hackers will see the heat signature from your fingers.

Scientists claim that the attack burglars will have to pre-set the imager over the victim. To decode the received data, even non-experts.

The experts came to the conclusion that it’s time to abandon passwords to protect user data and equipment, as high quality cameras and other similar devices become increasingly affordable to the mass buyer.

Earlier researchers have discovered a technical error in the popular Google Chrome browser, through which hackers can intimidate the victim by using a “boot bomb”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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