Ukrainian farmer in protest sent authorities on a giant three letters



In the Odessa region of Ukraine farmer, dissatisfied with the actions of local authorities, left them on a rented field foul message. This is the website for farmers Kurkul.

“*** [Fuck] you,” reads the inscription on a 24-hectare site near the village Voinycheve, which can be seen from the height of bird flight.

Local media have attributed the authorship of the Epistle to the farmer Anatolia Kandaurovo. In a conversation with Anatoly Kurkul said that worked on this field until February, after which the land passed to another tenant.

Also Kandaurov said that the field was put up for auction and leased at an inflated price. According to him, the firm that won the tender, is based in Odessa and buying up land in the area in the shadow of corruption schemes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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