WhatsApp has demanded to stop encouraging the killing message


Photo: Andre Penner / AP

The Indian government appealed to Facebook with a request to stop the distribution of fake WhatsApp messages on mass abductions of children in India who provoked the people’s massacre of the local nomads and beggars. About it reports Reuters.

False reports had caused the beating at least a dozen people in the country, three of them died. Law enforcement agencies are taking steps to arrest the perpetrators, but the flow of fake news messages through WhatsApp is not terminated, causing all new crimes.

In India, the messenger used by over 200 million people. WhatsApp stated that oppose the use of the platform for the dissemination of disinformation, and the company is ready to solve the problem. The leadership of the messenger announced awards to researchers problems of misinformation and asked to share suggestions with the experts support.

1 Jul mob lynching of five nomads, passing through the village. Strangers suspected of kidnapping children and decided to interview. However, the local was not satisfied with the answers outsiders, therefore, those beaten to death several nomads bamboo sticks and stones. In the massacre were 12 people were detained.

A few beggars came under attack from people who received the WhatsApp message that homeless people steal children and sell their organs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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