With “Bridge of stupidity” in St. Petersburg stole the warning banner


Photo: the Bridge of Stupidity live! / Telegram

With “Bridge of stupidity” in St. Petersburg, which was stuck already one hundred and fifty “Gazelles” disappeared warning banner. It is reported by Telegram-channel “Bridge of Stupidity live!”.

“Somebody stole the banner, donated by 150-Gazela bridge”, the authors write channel.

In addition, it is noted that overall strap with chains mounted road services after a “commemorative sacrifice” of the bridge a month ago, already were in disrepair.

The bridge is located on a plot of Lensovetovskom roads under the Sofia street. He gained notoriety on the Internet due to frequent cases of accidents under him. About dangerous low overpass warns the big poster with an appropriate inscription. Later, the authorities drew attention to this section of the road and developed a set of measures to draw the attention of drivers to limit the height. To solve the problem completely, the St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Igor Albin gave the order to work the project of deepening of the road under the crossing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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