Disclosed the amount of the pension of MPs


Photo: Dmitry Dukhanin / Kommersant

The size of pensions of deputies who worked in the state Duma not less than five years is 46.6 thousand rubles. This was reported on the website of the lower house of Parliament on Thursday, 5 July.

“A citizen who is not less than five years performed the duties of Deputy of the State Duma, has the right to a pension Supplement”, — stated in the message.

So, if the MP worked in the Duma for more than ten years, his pension will amount to 63.5 thousand rubles. If the experience of MPs was less than five years, he is not entitled to a Supplement and receives a standard pension.

The average monthly salary of the Deputy of the state Duma is 399,3 thousand before tax. In the first half of 2018, the actual average monthly salary of a Deputy amounted to 388.5 thousand rubles.

In April, the faction “Fair Russia” has proposed to equate the salaries of senators and of deputies to the national average — 35 thousand rubles. However, the government initiative is not appreciated and rejected the bill. In conclusion, the Cabinet noted that the high salaries of deputies “due to the nature of their activities.”

In turn, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky was afraid that if you reduce the income of parliamentarians, the laws will be written by people with a low level of education, for example, bricklayers and drivers.

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