Discovered computer virus-“stupid”


Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Experts in the field of cybersecurity has discovered a new virus that infects computers on macOS. The Creator of the specialized website Objective-See Patrick Wardle (Patrick Wardle) in his blog called him a “fool” (OSX.Dummy).

The malware was distributed by cybercriminals via instant messengers Discord and Slack. Pretending to be famous cryptocurrency investors or administrators of the channels dedicated to digital media, they encouraged the victims to enter some commands in the terminal macOS.

These teams led to the download of the file, which is itself fixed in the system and allowed criminals access to it. Experts suggest that the harmful software was designed to steal the cryptocurrency miners.

Wardle said that this virus is quite confused, as he himself prompts the user for the administrator password and run the program. These properties gave him the idea to call the program a “fool”.

Earlier experts of Bank of international settlements predicted the Internet full stop. According to them, huge amounts of retail blockchain transaction can bring down the technological infrastructure of the global network.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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